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Hi, I have a laptop ASUS UX303, and here is the deal, it has a memory builted with the motherboard, but actually, that memory has some problems when I ran a memory test (Memtest86) so I'm asking if there is a way to only use the RAM from non-builted in the motherboard or to disable the builted in one? ... Or should I change the entire motherboard?
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  1. I do not think that would be possible to disable the onboard memory.
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  2. reedo_43 said:
    I do not think that would be possible to disable the onboard memory.

    so what can I do? or I buy a 16Go RAM and replace the other one which is detachable and pray that all the operations wont enter the other defective one
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  3. Your best bet would be to talk to Asus support.
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  4. May be as simple as picking slower memory for the so-DIMM than the onboard. All of the memory will be forced to run at the slower speed and this may be enough for the onboard to run stable.

    If it still doesn't work and is out of warranty, you really don't have anything to lose so can try physically removing all of the onboard memory chips. Just make sure you don't leave any pads shorted with solder. Used motherboards for that are so expensive that I'm not sure it would be worth replacing.
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