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I recently installed the corsair h100i v2 in my system currently running a maximus hero ix with a 7700k processor. I'm just curious though as this is my first time using any liquid cooling, what temps should I be seeing between idle and say gaming?

I downloaded CAM to monitor temps but I'm not sure how well that works

Any thoughts or advice would be great, thanks :-)
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  1. What temperatures ARE you seeing? Idle and under load? What is your room temperature?
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  2. Room temp is about 71 to 75 degrees F so roughly 21 C.

    When I have windows up Cam tells me it usually hovers around 40 degrees C. If I play a game Cam says load is maybe 25 to 35% I've seen the temp jump up close to 60 degrees C.
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  3. Put really under load using Prime 95 for example. Btw where did you mount your radiator and what case do you have? Do you have more fans? The radiator will be usually a lot more efficient if you mount it in the front of the case.
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  4. I have the cooler master pro 6, I have 2 front mounted fans for intake, 1 back for exhaust and I have the radiator mounted on top set for intake, I'll download prime 95 to really give it a good load test.

    Is there a good monitoring software to use that's better then CAM?
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  5. I use HWmonitor. Pretty decent. But no software is completelly precise. But it gives you a good estimate maybe within +/- 2C°

    Anyway give it a go with Prime 95. Test it with you current config.
    Then test it with the radiator in the front and see the difference.
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  6. I just checked your case and it seems that if you mount you radiator in the front, you will have to go with 2 fans top and 1 fan back. No bottom mounting capability.
    Usually is advisable front and bottom for intake and rear and top for exaust.
    Assuming front for intake and top and rear for exaust you will have negative pressure inside if the case which will help dust build up.
    I would say that you should then lower your fan curves on your exaust fans and increase a bit the fan curve on radiator in the front as intake.
    But first test it and see what you get.

    Btw the Prime 95 pushes the crap out of your cpu. If you want a more realistic down-to-earth tester try aida64.
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    Idle temps really don't mean much, I got a 360 rad on my 5820k and idle temps are around 40 - 50C but full load temps hardly go past 67 - 70C

    I had a h100 which seemed to do better at idle temps I often saw 30- 40C or so but full load temps were 83C.

    You want to keep an eye on full load temps, not a few min load, You want to put a load for a while, like 10 - 15min for the temp of the liquid to start to fully level out. Liquid takes a while to warm up compared to an air cooler. The bigger the rad or loop, the longer it takes to level out.

    Rule of thumb, keep temps below 80C. 80C isn't going to kill the CPU, but it can be a point where you start to see stability issues and some people claim it can degrade its life span.
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  8. If you are using a Corsair cooler, you should configure and monitor the cooler with Corsair Link. CAM is most likely going to cause conflicts with Link.
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