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Hi guys! I'm planning on building a PC and I chose a chassis with 3 included fans and an option to add more fans at the top. I'm wondering, how many fans will the motherboard support? I'm choosing between A320M motherboard and a B350M and I am planning to put 4 case fans (CPU cooler not included). Does the motherboard support 4 case fans and a CPU cooler? A320 and B350?
These are the optional motherboards I am planning to buy:



Kindly add some possible ways on how to install 4 case fans if needed because I really need my PC to have good air flow and I don't like liquid cooling due to a possibility of leakage. Thank you in advance!
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  1. The MSI B350 motherboard has 2 chassis fan headers, while the other 3 boards (including the Gigabtye B350 board) only have 1. So, you can control 2 case fans with the MSI board, & 1 with the other boards.

    As far as how many they support...that's based on the case & how many additional power connectors your PSU has available.
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