Asus Strix B350-F or Asus Prime X370 Pro. R7 1700 3.7 - .8 OC

Hi, I'm goona buy a R7 1700 and I'm planning on OC it.
Someone told me that the VRM of the B350 mobos get too hot when you try to OC a R7 processor. Some people also said that the Strix can handle it, others that it can't.
I do not want SLI or CFX, and can't get the R5 1600X (no one sells it where I live and I can't use Amazon or webs like that because I live on Argentina).
I really liked the Strix B350-F, but I don't want to messed up for buying something that doesn't match the expectations.

So, I'm wondering, can the Strix B350-F handle a R7 1700 overclocked at 3.7 - .8 for long terms? Or I will need an X370 mobo?

Also, I have the Crystal 460X case with the three stock fans for the moment. I'm thinking on adding a couple of fans for better airflow, but not right now.
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