How much does PCI e lanes affect the peformance of SLI

Hi! I have a question about the SLI. I am currently running a 7820x and a 1080 Ti. Besides the 16 lanes taken by this 1080 Ti, there are also a Samsung 960 pro and a 10Gb interface card taking another 2X4=8 lanes. So currently there are only 4 PCIe lanes left on my CPU.

Hence if I add another 1080Ti, I am going to run the SLI in x8/x8 lanes. I would like to know whether this will create some bottleneck for the performance.

I have checked some online articles. Some says there will be some bottleneck. Also if that is the case, does it mean that SLI runnig with kabylake CPUS like 7700k is also suffering this problem?

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  1. 8x 8x is a normal configuration for SLI, so it would be fine.
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  2. For the 1080ti's in SLI I read a few topics where 8x 8x could impact the min fps on a vary few titles at 4k, but anything lower than 4k it didn't seem to make any difference what so ever.

    Honestly you should be fine, them games that did see a fps hit was them games that were already getting a faily high fps anyway, and it was still less than a 5% impact.
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