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Hey guys,

I recently bought a msi gt73vr 6re laptop, and i am having a few problems.

1. It has killer e2400 network adapter in it but i only download with 700kb/s when on other devices 30+ i tried to install new drivers uncheck the power save and stuff. ( if it's the network card should i replace it with something else, yes? Then which on)

And second, there is a gtx 1070 in this laptop and with heroes of the storm i only get 100fps on highest setting (1080p 120hz) and on my desktop 140+ 1440p.

I hope anyone has a idea what is wrong. Thanks!

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  1. If you are on wireless, how far away from the router are you and what is in the way? The further you are, the worse the speed is.

    Are you testing the game with the system plugged into wall power and set to high performance in the power manager? Is your desktop also running at 120hz or higher refresh rate? If not, that is not a good comparison. Set the laptop to 60hz and see what you get.
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