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I've noticed that a lot of new motherboards have WiFi built in, and I am wondfering how you would use this when your router / modem has WiFi? The obvious answer is to connect the desktop to the router if it is inconvenient to run eithernet for any reason, but would it always be prefereable to use eithernet? There's a saying in the sound industry 'If you are able, run a cable'.

It would be unaceptible to need my desktop to be running in order for the rest of the house to have internet, for instance.

A new motherboard would have the latest spec WiFi, but what devices could use that? I have no idea what the current state of the art is.

Incidentally, I am about to replace my five year old 3930K system used mostly for Photoshop, and I am currently leaning towards 1920X which appears to be the sweet spot for Photoshop, but I don't have a clear idea about which motherboard to go with.
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  1. These motherboards have built in wifi receivers, they do not act as a wifi distributor like your router.

    And much like the sound industry, running an Ethernet to your computer will yield much better connection than being on wifi!
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  2. Thanks. So useful if your desktop system is no tclose to the router? Like if you share a router with flat-mates or family etc. I'll just not worry about it then, and not let it influence my choice of a MB one way or the other.
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