debug code keep showing-pc boots fine

so after one month that i RMA my mobo and my intel i7 i got my money and reconfigured my build.
today,after two weeks or so of being pretty paranoid i plugged the "new" build and vualla!!! it tested fine the first,second,third and fourth.
the only problem that still bothers me is that when i boot up the PCi can see the screen as expected and wait for a OS,which is normal.
but down the mobo i notice the debug led number 85(maybe it can be B5?).
ive checked the manual and it specifically says that :
1.80~8F Reserved for OEM use (OEM DXE initialization codes).
2.B5 PCI device hot plug.

the second option seems really not possible because if one the main devices weren't plugged in the system would not boot up and the screen would show or not show nothing at all.

if any one have any info about this debug codes and how to handle them please share it.

my motherboard is Gigabyte X299 AORUS Gaming.
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