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After using a new pc build (MSI B250m pro-vdh with i3-7100 8gb ram) for a week or less something went wrong. After turning it off at night, next morning it didn't boot up at all, after reviewing all the hardware (PSU had strange burnt smell) and some internet research I made a conclusion that PSU was dead as I checked it on another computer. But after changing the PSU pc still didn't work properly, fans were working, some lights on but it showed only black screen, as well as all the usb devices weren't working (except phone charging). According to the light indicator on motherboard that is a cpu issue. So I was wondering how to check what exactly is dead and will CPU warranty cover such an issue.. Or maybe there is something else to do to figure out what's the problem?

Thanks in advance for all the replies!
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  1. 1) Try to check the cpu and the cpu socket to see any burn mark(s) or not.
    2) If you don't see any burn mark, clear the CMOS by the junper, then boot the PC again.
    3) If the PC does not boot at all, after clear the CMOS. You will need to test the components one by one in other pc. Because the PSU has been burned, it will damage other component too.
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