Water Cooling an i7-7700k with EKWB A120 in a Fractal Design Core 500?

I'm looking to water cool my CPU with the EKWB A120. Since the Core 500 is so small I don't want to have to worry about desperately trying to fit a 240/280mm radiator on the top of the case. So my idea is to have the EKWB A120 rad pushing out the back and put two airflow intake fans on the top.

Will that be enough to cool my CPU? Also I don't see a lot of room to mount the reservoir/pump that comes with the A120, so if anyone knows whether or not that is possible I would love to know. Right now I have a Cryorig H7 cooler with the stock fractal fan in the back, nothing on the top of the case where you can mount up to a 280mm rad or 2 140mm fans.

Here is my system:

Fractal Core 500:

Cryorig H7:

EKWB A120:

Thanks for your help.
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  1. you can fit a 240 rad easily. more over even 280mm rad will work.
    with 280 rad you can liquid cool both CPU and GPU
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