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I have a ryzen 5 1400 running at 3.65ghz @1.375v , i have paired it with 8gb of corsair vengence lpx ram @2933mhz. I have seen may people get atleat 3.7-3.8 ghz at much lower voltages. Is thre any solution for this like updating the bios. I have seen posts that ther got better overclocks with older bioses. Is there something i can do or did I just loose the silicon lottery.
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  1. Every CPU/MB combo is different. Mine is Ryzen 1600, I need 1.325v to get 3.8GHz while many others claim 1.2v is enough for their OCing. New/old BIOS does not necessarily impact OC ability. As long as you reach the limit you set for yourself, like voltage, on load temperature, etc., just go with it :) Also, I think stable OCing definition is kind of unclear. There are many stability tests including prime95, aida and RB. Someone only passed one of them for like 20 minutes, is that really stable, who knows :)
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  2. Realbench is a pretty decent test for every day type of loading. Light gaming, browsing, etc. I do Realbench for 2 hours to ensure stability for these types of loads.

    For heavier lifting, like video editing or heavy data work, you'll want something a little more intense. I've found OCCT to be the best for me....I run it for 2 hours as well.

    And with Ryzen, you really should run MEMTEST64 on overclocked memory, up to 300% coverage...just to make sure. The Ryzen processors have pretty weak IMCs....better to be safe than sorry, especially with memory.
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