Asus z270E won't boot

I have finished putting together my new build, however the system will not start up. I turn on the power supply and the MOBO rgb turns on, the power standby light turns on, I push the case power button, and nothing. No error lights, no fans spinning up, nothing.
Parts: Asus z270E mobo, intel i7 7700, corsair dominator platinum ram, corsair cx 750 PSU, GTX 1080, NZXT kraken x62 cooler, wrapped up in an NZXT S340 elite case.
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    4 possible causes:
    - 24 pin not (properly) connected
    - case Power Switch not working - try bypassing it
    - PSU not working - do the PSU paperclip test
    - motherboard not working
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  2. It was a faulty PSU
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