Prime 95 crashes almost instantly on Windows7 but passes in Windows 10

I recently built a new Ryzen 5 1600 system with dual boot - Win7&Win10.
Everything seems OK but when I apply even a small 200Mhz overclock and then use Prime 95 to test it for stability the system crashes almost instantly in Windows 7. I have no problems torture testing with Cinebench R15 or AIDA 64. Only on stock settings I am able to pass Prime95 testing.
With absolutely the same overclock in Windows 10, the same latest version of Prime 95 -its 100% stable.
My main board is Asrock X370 Gaming X with latest BIOS P3.20.
Memory is at 2933Mhz and lowering it to 2133Mhz doesn't help, so I assume that's not the problem.
When overclocking I just change the Core voltage and CPU speed. Everything else is on auto.
I will appreciate any help or sharing your experience with similar configuration.
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  1. Do you have all right drivers for W7 ?
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  2. Yes, all drivers are installed. By the way in Win10 I can see there is AMD Power Plan activeted, is there such thing as Ryzen power plan for Windows 7 ???
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  3. Yes, there is. It gets installed with chipset driver.
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