WD5001AALS Black or Casual WD Blue with 7200RPM and 64mb cache

I wanna buy hard disk for gaming,cause i have crappy hard drive with 16mb cache and 5400rpm..
Its slow in games like PUBG exc...which is better
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  1. 7200 RPM Blue will be just fine...within 10% of modern Black drives in performance, quieter, and more storage to boot.

    Keep in mind that games that are slow to load or stutter a lot can be moved to a SSD partition if you have one for a relatively large performance increase for the price. Other games that just load once and don't stutter when moving around an open world can live on a spinning disk with little performance penalty.

    How much RAM does your system have?
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  2. I have 8 Gigs of ram,but that stuttering is caused by disk...i just wanna buy better hard...i dont need a ssd,i dont have a beast of pc
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