how much DDR ram do you need for a nvidia 1060 6 gb

How much DDR ram will you need for the stated graphics card as I have a DDR 3 and im wondering if I will need to upgrade The motherboard as well as the res
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  1. You don't necessarily "need" RAM for a GPU. You need RAM to utilise whatever application it is you want to utilise. Your GPU uses onboard VRAM, which is different to your normal RAM. You sooner need to look at the rest of your system if you're asking for advice on how the GTX 1060 will fit into your system.

    Equally, GPU does not dictate what RAM type you require, again, your other components will, mainly, your motherboard. So the question is, whats your motherboard / CPU, and what are you currently trying to achieve?

    If you want a quick generic answer, if you're looking at gaming applications, nowadays 8GB does suffice, but latest titles are benefiting and requiring more RAM, so the rule of thumb in the gaming community is that 16GB is more than enough.
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