does Asus H170 Pro Gaming have a dedicated Sound card?

I am planning to buy a Microphone. It works well only with a sound card or phantom power.

So I was wondering if my H170 has a sound card or not.

checked specifications on Asus webstite. it only talks about SupremeFX, not sure if its a sound card or some kind of audio feature.
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  1. from what i know, almost most motherboard will come with an onboard sound card

    whether it's a decent one or not, i can't say XD

    PS: SupremeFX is made by Realtek, so yes, i think that's the name of the onboard sound card that belongs to Asus XD
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    I can confirm that the Asus H170 Pro Gaming board has a Realtek audio chip on-board.
    You don't need to install a sound card.
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