asrock ab350m pro4 maximum memory speed

I have this board with Ryzen 5 1600 and g.skill flare x 3200 cl14.
Has anyone managed to use ram over 3200 with this board?

the cpu works great up to 3800 with 1.17v.
but at 3900 it does not work well with 1.30v, a shame.

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    yeah, you need to go higher on the Vcore up between 1.325 - 1.375 should get 3.9ghz. Remember the higher the OC the more voltage you have to give. With 1.3 there just isn't enough juice to make it stable.

    Ram on the B350's are very finicky. If you have yours running at 3200, then be happy out. That's as good as your likely to get. There are literally hundreds of posts on Tom's about others not getting their DIMMS to run at full speed.

    also when you say the CPU 'works great' up to 3800 at 1.17 v. That to me sounds as if something is wrong. That core voltage is way low. Are you stress testing at these settings, or just booting to windows and trying a game or something. If your not stress testing with something like Prim95 on small FFT's then your OC is most likely unstable, and you may have crashes. Try running Prime with the CPU at 3.8ghz at your mentioned 1.17v and see what happens. If it runs flawlessly with no errors in Prime95 for about 2 hours (i test for longer myself - but for the sake of having an idea your OC is stable) then that's a very good OC with low voltages. I suspect you may have errors.
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  2. I'll try with prime95 when I get home this afternoon, with 1.35v and 3900.
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  3. webjapm said:
    I'll try with prime95 when I get home this afternoon, with 1.35v and 3900.

    the reason I'm suggesting Prime95, is that it's well and good OC'ing with just numbers in mind, but the key thing is to make sure the OC is stable.

    With Prime your testing the CPU at it's absolute max load to determine any instability, and also to what degree your CPU heats up. When you run Prime, use someting like HWmonitor to monitor your CPU temps. This is important. When Prime runs, the CPU will heat up quickly, but it will max out at a given temp, 80c considered to be the max for a longterm OC. My CPU runs at 3.9 1.375 @ 72c. Every CPU is different, thats why you need to check/stress all the way untill you've gotten your desired results.

    Id strongly suggest stress testing at your first setting .ie 3.8 with 1.17v. You need to start at a base level and work up in increments. Testing along the way to ensure stablility. Otherwise i fyou don't stress test, you could be playing a game or something, and the PC might just crash etc. This would be because it's unstable.

    The objective to get the best stable OC you can. If you want to PM for any info, I'm happy to offer help.

    I would say that at 3.6-3.8 you should be near 1.325v. That why I believe at 1.17 it won't be stable. I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

    Of course, all the info I'm advising is based on a BIOS OC, not something like Ryzen master or some software OC'ing app.
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