help me overclock msi gtx `1050 2gb oc

i have a msi gtx 1050 2gb oc and i dont usually overclock but i need help i want to boost its performance thanks
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  1. MSI has a program called MSI Afterburner that allows you to increase standard clock and memory speed, as well as adjust fan speed.
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    u don't have to do that actually, Nvidia GPUs comes with GPU Boost feature which will boost the clock when required :)

    also, OCing the GPU wouldn't yield that much of a difference (probably 1-3 fps in most case, sometimes even none) unless u're using some high tier GPU + using liquid cooling :D

    i tried to OC my 1050ti, boost clock usually hover around 1734, so i push it manually up to stable 1911
    the result are, my gaming becomes much more unstable XD (even though i said that 1911 is stable) sometimes, the clock would overlap the 1911 to the 1924 and when that happen, a freeze will happen for sometimes, which is really irritating imo
    so i tried the normal boost clock, which is 1734, and u know? the performance is better (stable and i see no downgrade there) also the GPU is cooler :)

    however, if u still insist on OC ing, there are a lot of OC program that should supports most GPU out there, like EVGA PrecisionX, MSI Afterburner, etc (the most known one is the Afterburner)

    if the performance doesn't really change after u do that, it means your GPU already reach its limit XD
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  3. thanks man
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