Do the newly bios updated Gigabyte h110m support 2400mhz ddr4 RAM?

So I thought about my buyings, perhaps I should save up for a GPU instead of a hi-tech mobo. I already got a ddr4 2400mhz RAM, so buying the gigabyte h110m would be great, I already have a 7th Gen Intel CPU. But does the mobo support the 2400mhz ram now that it comes as an updated bios.
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  1. It should, since Kaby Lake support 2400 MHz.
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  2. Thanks. Is that a certainty?
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    It's certain (to me) that it should, yes.
    To know if it's in fact so: Check the motherboard manufacturer's UEFI version history.
    Even if 2,400 MHz isn't supported your RAM will (for sure!) run just fine at 2,133 MHz.
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