usb xhci compliant host controller error code 10 for windows10

Hello everyone,

I've had this rig for 5months and this problem arise 2 days back.

I have been trying to solve my issue of "USB XHCI compliant host controller error code 10" but to no avail. Only the USB 3.1 port is working and at any point of time only my keyboard or mouse could be plugged in to navigate around windows/BIOS. Also when I shut down my computer, the case fans, lighting are still running and could only be turn off by holding on the power button on my case.

I search around the web for the past few days and tried the following but still unable to resolve the error code 10.
1) Fresh install windows10
2) Installing all drivers from Asus's mobo h170 pro gaming site.
3) Installing drivers from the CD provide by Asus
4) Uninstalling and reinstalling USB drivers.

My PC Specs:
Intel core i5-7600k 3.80 GHz Processor
G Skill DDR4 8 GB 2133MHz Ram
ASUS GTX 1060 3GB Graphics card
Asus H170-Pro gaming Motherboard
Corsair RM650x GOLD Power Supply
Western Digital Caviar Blue WD10EZEX 1TB Sata III
Samsung EVO 750 120gb SSD

Helps are appreciated, thank you.
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