PC won't start after clearing CMOS.

Hello, please I need help, I'm desperate right now.

So I tried to clear the BIOS by removing and placing the battery, did as follows:

- Removed battery, waited 5 minutes, placed the battery again, plunged the power cable and tried to turn it on.

Nothing, nothing happens at all, no response, no beeping, no fan spinning as if there were no power. I tried to use paper clip thing on the green and black wires of the power supply to check if it's not the PSU and it worked, the lights turned on, the fans began spinning, so the PSU is fine?

- Removing everything from the mother board, including CPU, ram sticks and everything.
- removing and placing the motherboard back onto the case.
- power on without the CMOS battery
- cry for and ask the gods why did this have to happen to me

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

EDIT: So this is weird, I just noticed when I turned off the lights in the room, the LED that indicates the PC is on is actually On, very dim, almost fading but it's on, and that's the only thing that seems to be working, sort of. I have a picture below

When I plug on the network cable the lights of right next to the cable input also blinks green, and then shines a consistent orange light.
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  1. Sad to see that no one came up with a suggestion, maybe because I posted on the wrong section, idk. I went on by myself, and one thing that I tried was make a "breadboard" basically is: Removing the whole motherboard from the case, then place it on a non conductive surface, such as the motherboards cardboard box. Then put the PSU cable on the motherboard, a stick of ram and, the CPU power cable and the cooler. To turn it on I had to press a screw driver onto the 2 pins of the power button located on the motherboard, shorting them.
    The fans began spinning, it turns on, when hooking the HDD I can hear it operating, when hooking the GPU the fans begin spinning and I can feel that it's warm, the CPU also gets warm, indicating both seems to be working, however when placing the monitor it shows no signal.

    I'll keep trying and check to see if I can solve this, hopefully it will help someone on the future. Or maybe the admins will delete my post because I keep replying to myself lol.
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  2. Alright I did it!
    I cleared the CMOS again but without putting the video card, instead using the onboard GPU, it boots now! Then I needed to go to the bios menu and set it to use an external GPU, and done! All back to normal.

    Really hope this helps one of you guys
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