What is the third chip on the M1530 mobo

CPU is on the top of the image, GPU (nvidia) on the bottom right. What is the third chip on the left?


I recently mounted a new heatsink and wasn't sure what this was but treated the chip with the same clean up and paste as the CPU and GPU. Though it's irrelevant, the new heatsink didnt solve the problem (will start a new thread to address the issue).
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  1. that would be the chipset.
    the chipset is like the bridge between the system and the CPU. the chipset used to be separated into two chips the north bridge and the south bridge.
    now one is on the CPU itself leaving just the one chip chipset on the motherboard
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  2. I am guessing the chipset temps are minimal compared to the CPU/GPU, right?

    My temps are too high and the machine now tends to turn off. Since it's an extra machine lingering around the house, I plan on adding large heatsinks to the CPU and GPU. Basically no more portable laptop, the idea is a custom built desktop machine to play movies, browse the web and other basics (hdmi'ed to the tele). How concerned should I be with the chipset temps or are there any apps to measure the temp? Currently using Harware Monitor which is limited to CPU and GPU sensors only.
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  3. the south bridge or the chipset does not really get hot compared to the GPU and CPU. it shares the same cooler as the GPU and the CPU right? most chipsets can be passively cooled.
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  4. Yes, same heatsink for all 3 chips. Though it consists of 2 heat pipes, one reaching out to the GPU, and the other for both the CPU and Chipset.

    So i guess an ordinary heatsink will do for the chipset? Something like this?
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  5. that should do. get a thermal pad that will adhere to both the chipset and the heatsink or you will need to get creative in securing the cooler.
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  6. R_1 said:
    that should do. get a thermal pad that will adhere to both the chipset and the heatsink or you will need to get creative in securing the cooler.

    Would thermal paste be ok for the chipset. I have plenty of it. If not, could you recommend which thermal pads I should be getting...preferably a link too

    EDIT: I mean thermal adhesive paste. I have this stuff: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Thermal-Compounds-Conductive-Heatsink-Adhesive-Industrial-Glue-For-PC-GPU-IC/302206818767?hash=item465cee19cf:g:bjEAAOSwsB9WBvHq
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  7. yes that will do. I suggested adhesive thermal pads for ease of mounting. that works too.
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  8. thanks dude! Hope to try it out in the coming days - that M1530 is spewing out temps like a volcanic eruption, hope I can extinguish the flames
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