Will unsupported memory post with Ryzen? like 3000mhz ram?

Im going to be building my pc soon and I heard that people couldn't reach the max ram speed advertised. Does Ryzen underclock your ram automatically?

Im going to be using 3000mhz ram from gskill and I was wondering if I could post with ram that speed or had to grab another system and underclock it manually.
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    Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    The motherboard configure the RAM to the best clocks for work and will boot without problems after that you can play with the BIOS and try to configure it to run at those 3000MHz
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  2. Most all DDR4 RAM should work but not all does at the speed stated due to they were only tested on Intel builds. The RAM tested on Ryzen is FlareX G.Skill. The 3000 RAM should work at either 2667 or 2933 depending on which ever its stable at. To get 2933 tho may require 1.4v for stablity.
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