PWR_LED & RST_LED constantly on?

So, I just got this board back from RMA (Asus x99 a-ii) This was a full "new" replacement according to them. Everything is working fine but I am noticing something that I did not before. The "PWR_LED" and "RST_LED" (RED and GREEN) lights are constantly on for this board. Whether the PC is shut off or just sleeping. I've owned this board for about a year prior to the replacement and cannot really remember if these were ever on or not.

Forgive me for being paranoid, its mainly because prior to this my other board actually shot flames and sparked, damaging 90% of my componennts so now I may be noticing more things that before because of that.

I also hear a "click" when I power on/wake up my PC..but im pretty sure thats another thing that I never payed attention to before that I am now because of what happened.

Anyways, thanks for any help on this.
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