I think I over clocked my pc and now it won't boot please help

I have bought new pc and I tried to overclock memory and CPU. My CPU is ryzen 5 1600. I saw a lot of people over locking it to 3.9 so I did 3.8. I didn't change voltage since I could not so I set it to auto. I changed memory to xmp and 2666(3k ismax) with 1.35 voltage. My board is asus prime b350 plus. Please help it won't boot and I'm scared and I don't know what to do. I don't know how to reset cmos so I didn't try. In manual it showed some pins but I'm what to do with them since there is no jumper
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    Clearing BIOS/CMOS is the way to fix this issue.

    If there is no jumper then you need to completely power off pc, disconnect power cord (and any other instructions in manual) then take a flat head screwdriver and use the screwdriver to short the two pins (meaning you touch both of them at the exact same time with screwdriver, thus allowing electricity to flow from one pin to the other)
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  2. OK so I removed my whole tower from all cables. Then I put it on bed, opened it and used screwdriver where u said. Now I connect and start ans presentation DLT. AND IT WORKED!!! I was just panicking too hard and misunderstood manual. Ty but I got question. How and what should I do to overclock cpu since I could not boot as I described
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  3. Say autocorrect'and Press delete'
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  4. Okay, so I tried again to overclock. The thing is now it beeped 3 times. So I guess it's problem with ram. I won't try to overclock anymore since I'm scared something will happen.
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  5. If your overclock has poor settings then it will do that.

    I see you are using an ASUS board with RYZEN cpu. Did you check if motherboard bios was upgraded. The original version of bios could not handle clocking ram beyond I want to say 2400 mhz but it might have been the bottom 2133.
    I had to do this for my ROG B350-F motherboard and 1700
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  6. Ram is set as default 2133 for me so I though 2666 would be fine
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  7. usuallyieatpuncakes said:
    Ram is set as default 2133 for me so I though 2666 would be fine

    If the bios is original version then even 2666 wont work.
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