I think i fried my Motherboard..

Ok - so im sort of new to 'pc building'
I just needed a quick change of ram - which I did ( 2x4gb - 2x1gb ) Curiosity got the best of me. So i had a front pan which didnt really function/work. Obviously I wanted to make it work. I saw other fans with the molex ( i think its called that ) connectors connected to them. so i assumed i had to connect one of them to the fron fan - then I saw a 3 pin. Andthe first place I saw was that JUSB area with all sorts of pins- I connected it to one of them somehow. So i turned on my pc - and i heard a pop - instantly i offed the pc, and i smellt burning.

So I knew i did something wrong

I went back to check on it and i took it out the jusb port thingy. Weird - it doesnt look melted or anything. But i cant really say. Now i put the fan into the right port and turn on my pc

no success..

Nothing works - no power literally - the 1st time the sound kept making some low pitch beeping noise continously - while the speakers led kept blinking. I offfed it - and onned it again - and it didn't work. What did i just do...

6GB RAM (idek which one some hongkong one)
idk what psu - but likely not the psu
500gb hitachi hdd
rear fan installed front bottom installed and cpu fan installed

pls help me
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  1. Try taking out the battery for your bios from the motherboard...Small round silver battery to reset eveything. Put it back and then try to boot..Sound like you have blown something.
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