motherboard 24pin atx power socket burnt on pin 2 and 3

Hi, i had an old antec neo 620 psu which i plugged into a machine i got my hands on recently. Well either i must have underestimated how much power 3 GPUs draw from the 24pin socket, or the PSU is faulty.

It was running perfectly fine for about 2 weeks, then one day it shut down by itself. couldn't figure out what was wrong until i started dismantling it and noticed the 24 pin has pin 2 and pin 3 melted into to mb socket.

I took out the 24pin, and tried to scrape away the melted plastic on the mb pins, think part of the plastic is still stuck inside. The machine still boots up fine, but shut down by itself after a few hours. I think keeping this up isn't gonna do any good to the other parts, but i doubt i can get a replacement mb cheap since its running LGA 1336...

i don't have a solder.... is there any way i can repair this because rma is probably out of the option, but the pc still runs fine.

- any suggestions to clean out the melted plastic is welcomed.
- should i buy a better PSU? but am afraid the new 24pin won't sit in due to the melted plastic.
- any means to replace the 24 pin on the mb without soldering.
- or perhaps there's nothing to worry about the mb and the PSU is the thing i should worry about?
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