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I live in pakistan and my red switch of psu says 230 v but i accidently flipped the red switch from 230 v to 115 v and then my computer made a pop i quickly closed the switch from the switch board i couldnt say that if my computer is alright because when all of this happened nothing was connected to my computer not even monitor and i am scared to again put my computer into 230 v and then start it because i am not sure that if it causes any disaster and i also want to know that if my computer is alright
So thing that i need to know from you guys is that is my computer alright or not
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  1. A pop is never a good thing. Probably killed the psu or a fuse inside. I would look for a new one.
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    If you're lucky, then just PSU has died.
    If not so lucky, then could be also dead motherboard, hard drives and possibly more.
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