Giga F2A78M-HD2 USB3.0 controller won't install -Solved

I've just built a Win7 Pro 64bit SP1 on a GA-F2A78M-HD2 mobo with an A10 -7860k -16GB and a AMD R7 250 (hoping for Crossfire later using the R7 on the mobo.). Most everything worked, except for some of the USB 3.0 outlets. Device manager has a couple of queries regarding USB controllers. I tried to find the USB 3.0 drivers and downloaded a couple of chipset packages.. I pointed Windows driver update at the appropriate folders. In each case it says it has found the AMD USB 3,0 driver software but there is a problem. At the bottom it says "file not found."
I would be grateful for any help or advice in getting the drivers installed.
UPDATE I've now found a USB3.0 Controller in one of the additional chipset packages that I downloaded since the above and it works. I'm marking this as "solved".
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