Audio volume and quality drops really low when playing Games!

Hello, my first time writing on this forum. Usually when i have any problems related to pc i find my answer by searching on google. Unfortunately not this time.

So my problem is with audio on my pc, more specific audio while i am in game or when pc is under "heavy load".
The audio is just fine first 3-10 minutes, sometimes even longer, but after that my audio quality and audio volume drops really badly. When i turn volume to full its really bad, and almost feels like my ears are going to bleed. The volume drops after a bass drop sound, like when you plug in speakers. Audio stays like that for a few minutes then it goes back to normal, and restarting pc doesnt fix it either. It just goes back to normal randomly.

I have tried installing newest audio drivers, gpu drivers. Even reinstalling windows, i have also tried switching gpu, the problem is not with the headset either because they work just fine on another pc. And i also can watch movies and video on youtube without any problems, this happens only when i am in games, doesnt matter from steam or origin, as long as i am in game. i have also switched power options to max performance. I am starting to think that mobo is done, but still i am not sure since this happens only when i am playing games. Can this be because of psu? that it doesnt get enough power? or is there something that i can do in settings to fix this? PLEASE ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS AND COME UP WITH ANY SUGGESTIONS.

Here are my specs

MSI z170a m5 gaming mobo
i7 6700k skylake cpu
gtx 1060 3gb gpu
Kingston 16gb ddr4 memory
Samsung 256gb ssd
1tb hdd
Cooler master G500 500w psu
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