Looking for a particular motherboard for under 100 (NON-OC)

Here is what I am looking for.
- I need to be able to connect 4 fans (1 cpu, 1 back of case, 2 front)
- I support for a gpu and my elgato hd60 pro.
- Enough space to fit my Cooler Master 212 Evo
- Atleast 3 usb 2.0s for my keyboard and mouse (2 usb), and rgb lights (1 usb)

More info : Newegg doesn't seem to have a tag for some of these things, so I figured I'd ask this community.

For those curious : My build consists around the i5 7500 as I don't have plans to overclock my cpu or gpu nor do I want to take the risk even if the risk is small.

I would perfer if the pricing could be under 75 dollars as I am trying to keep my whole parts list that I need under 300 which consists of i5 7500, a motherboard, and 8gb of ram.
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  1. normally, a botherboard has 4 fan headers: 1 CPU, 1 Water Pum, and 2 option for External fan. For case fan, it may has own controller to control fans.
    Or if you still need to connect fans to motherboard, you should buy a split header.
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