Ryzen 1600 overclocking

So tinkering around with my setup.

Here's my component list.

Ryzen 5 1600
ASRock AB350m pro 4
8gb crucial ballistix ddr4 2400(2x4gb) in dual channel
250gb Samsung nvme
1tb standard drive
Sapphire Nitro+ RX 480 8gb gpu
Deepcool dshield case
Cooler Master Vortex plus CPU cooler
3 120mm exhaust fans (2 on front, one in rear behind cpu)
1 80 mm fan mounted under GPU to pull air out from under GPU.
EVGA 600b power supply (carried over from previous setup).

So been doing some tinkering, I probably should update my bios again. Maybe I'm just thinking too much. Maybe the behavior is normal.

But was monkeying in the bios.

C1E- off
Cool n quiet-off
Voltage-1.2875(need to mess with this to see if I can be stable at lower voltage because why not right?)
CPU speed-3800mhz

So here's what is strange. In bios I've got it set to 3.8ghz. Did quick 10 pass test using Intel burn test with max temps of 73 Celsius. Idle can be in low to mid 30s. So all seems stable. But task manager reports a speed of 3.79ghz, as does CPUz, but bios is set at 3.8.

I have the ram set pretty much at auto in bios. Just plain ddr4 2400. Any reason that anyone can think of for the difference? All seems stable using Intel burn test. Cinebench reports scores about 1265. Sometimes slightly more or less.

With max temps of 73, what do you guys think? Any more left in this cpu or is it worth pushing it? To be honest, I haven't played with dropping voltage much lower, so I need to probably do that to see how low I can get it.

Anyone else have experience in this board and any advice as to what I should be looking for?
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  1. There's no llc option on the board unfortunately so unless you get a really good chip ita hard to manage an overclock on lower voltage.

    If you run cpu-z while stress testing I think you'll find your load voltage showing much higher than that 1.2875 you've set in BIOS.More likely 1.35/1.36v

    Re - showing 3.79 instead of 3.8ghz - yeah not something I'd worry about.

    I don't think your vortex plus is any better (it may actually be worse) than the stock wraith spire cooler.

    You have a fan under your GPU pulling air away from it ??
    That's a bad idea seeing as gpu fans need to take air in not blow it out - your likely creating a conflict of airflow there.
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  2. Point taken. I may try the stock cooler again sometime. Looking in CPUz it looks like what was actually happening was that it seems like it may be setting the base clock to like 97 or 98 which would explain the slight difference in clock speeds.

    The fan will be changed out at some point. I actually ordered a bracket that allows you to put 2 80mm fans into it and mount in a pic slot. It's similar to this one in the link.


    Once I get that I'll probably pull the 80mm and put 2 80mm into the bracket blowing air directly into the card from the bottom.
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