How to create a GPT USB flash using Windows XP?

Hi, I have this problem, wanted to go back from Windows 10 to Windows 7, started the installation like usual, deleted my C:\ drive, created a new one, formatted it ant wait.... Wtf.. I don't wanna lose my data, noone warned me that this could happen. Turns out my HDD is GPT formatted, so I need to make a GPT USB flash, because I made an MBR (didn't even notice that there could be a difference). So I thought no problem, I have another computer, I'll just rewrite the USB with GPT and that's it. The problem is - I'm using Windows XP 32bit on this computer and the only options I can choose from are MBR. Question: how can I make this happen?
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  1. The usual tool used to make these is Rufus, and they claim this is impossible due to OS limitations so at least Vista is required.

    If you are not trying to boot from a >2TB disk then it would be better to just use MBR on it.
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  2. Windows XP 32bit - No Read and Write support for (GPT) GUID partition table, also no Boot support for (GPT) GUID partition table.
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  3. Thank you for your quick responses. Since I DO NOT want my data to be erased from drive D:\, the question still remains: is there some kind of a workaround for this or do I need to find a newer computer to get this done? I'm not sleeping tonight anyway so I was hoping to fix my computer. Stupid me, deleted the old system and didn't even have a clue that this could happen.
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  4. There's no way to convert from GPT to MBR using the included tools without deleting all of the partitions. The procedure is:

    Just boot from your MBR USB installer stick to "command prompt." The relevant commands are:
    convert mbr
    create partition primary
    format fs=ntfs

    Then you can use the USB installer stick the normal way. Why it doesn't give you the option to do this in the GUI only Microsoft knows.

    Otherwise you may want to use one of the bootable 3rd party disk partitioning tools which are supposed to convert without data loss. I like Minitool Partition Wizard.
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