ga-h110m-a and g4560 processor. What I know and what I need to know.

FIrst of all the info on these boards are awesome. Thank you.

I'm in build mode. Haven't built in over 14 years, but i am comfortable with it, so bear with me.

I ordered the G4560 based on an article on the following article:,3986.html

Paid a whopping $62 for it from a Walmart vendor. Today, for some reason, it's $110, so i don't feel bad about that purchase. So, i proceed to build around this processor.

I also ordered the gigabyte ga-h110m-a on the same order.

Yeah, i know. Thanks to this site, i am now aware of the BIOS issue. So, i went on ebay and sniped a brand new G3900 for $36.

Parts still coming in. Probably building the 10th or 11th.

Want to talk about the Motherboard, the bios Flash and the CPUs.

The computer shops in Tampa want $70 to update the BIOS. Obviously I'm not going that route.

I'm gonna walk thru this then ask a couple of questions. If i'm wrong, PLEASE tell me.

1. Download BIOS F20 or later from Gigabyte and unzip to USB drive.
2. Build the PC with the Celeron and 8GB stick. (Do i need a hard drive installed at this point?)
3. Press <end> on boot to enter Q-Flash, point at usb drive and pray.
4. Reboot to BIOS and check version
5. Power down, switch cpu to G4560 and finish build.

So...if that's all correct, here are my questions.

CPU installation. Like i said, years since i have built a pc. Both processors come with a heatsink/fan, but do they still require the paste? I haven't gotten them yet to check.

Obviously i would use the paste on the processor i intend to use, but for the celeron BIOS update, do i need to apply it, or can i just use the heat sink?

If i dont use the paste on the Celeron, would this cause me issues if I choose to sell it used on ebay to recoup some of the money?

Swapping out processors. Is there a cool down time required? Anything i should look out for? How hard can it be?

BIOS. Should i install the F20 or F22a?
What USB port should i put the drive holding the BIOS in? 2.0? or 3.0?

Is there a way to determine what BIOS is installed without going through all this and save the hassle?

I ask these questions because i know BIOS flashing goes 2 ways. Good and Bad. I've made one mistake in the motherboard purchased, so I don't want to make another one.

Thank you for your help.
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  1. You have a very out-of-date BIOS update guide. Try this one. Notice you have to actually pick the BIOS file, not point at usb drive and pray.
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  2. Intel stock cooler coming with the processors have preapplied thermal compound, so no need for that.
    Swapping processors is mostly an easy task. Supposing, that you bought the Celeron separately, it came with its own cooler. I strongly suggest you to put that cooler coming with the Celeron on it, because doing absolutely anything stressing the cpu without the cooler on will cause it to overheat. After following the guide sent by calvin7, you should remove the cooler, remove the cpu, insert the g4560 with the cooler that came with the PENTIUM and go on with your day.
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