Lost SSD - trying to get by temporarily with live usb booting on desktop, but I'm not getting any visual outputs on my monitor

Hi, so I moved into a new place and the people that rented to the place to me were extremely nice and let me leave all my stuff here over the summer at half rent so i didn't have to pay for storage. It sounded like a little good to be true so just in case I left all my nonvaluable stuff here and took my SSD with all the info on it just in case. Long story short, I lost said SSD but my desktop and eveyrthing is still here.

It took me a while to figure out why I couldnt boot my pc (didn't have a SSD...haha...). So seeing as I can't find it for now and I have a spare external harddisk as well as a copy of G-parted and Windows 10 on a live usb. How would I go about this? It seems to be very different from doing it on a laptop and I ran into a few problems.

Namely, I can't get any visual data at all. All the usb ports work but the monitor feed is not showing anything. It may just be that there is nothing to show. I tried reinstalling drivers but I can't do anything if I can't see anything. I'm kind of concerned that it's that I can't even log onto the bios itself. The motherboard looks and seems fine, all the pins are nonbent, leds working, ports work, fans are on, etc. but the ez debugging led says dram/cpu, which in my experience tells me next to nothing.

I'm at my wit's end about this thing and not sure what else I can do at this point. I've worked with g-parted and live usbs before so I can more or less do it on my own after I see the bios but until then, I'm kind of stuck. Any suggestions/help? Thanks
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  1. hard too tell really probably best to take it to a PC repair shop save yourself the headache then you would no what it is wrong and what needs fixing.
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