EVGA SSC GTX 960 (Can i go higher and should i?)

I overclock my 960 @+70 = 1500 mhz for 4 hours straight of intense gaming and the temp never went above 65C, should i crank it up a bit and would it be safe? (i play a lot of pubg and bf1)
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  1. Yeah go for it, the max safe temp is 98C, although personally I wouldnt want it above 85c
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  2. Soo i can crank it up to @+200 mhz as long as the temp stays in a stable state?
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  3. Yeah oc it as high as possible at max stable oc .you can manually set the fan speed around 85% for better thermals
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  4. When ever i go past +100 mhz my nvidia driver and game crashes
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