Computer crashes with buzzing sound

I have an fairly old machine,
AMD Athlon x4 860k
8gb RAM
R9 270 (Without x) 2GB
Raidmax Cobra 80+ Bronze 550W
My stock gpu clocks are 955/1300Mhz and i since bought this PC i always had my GPU overclocked max how much AMD allowed. 1050/1500Mhz + power limit to +15% without any crashes for years. About a year ago i got some random crashes with vertical lines and buzzing sound from speakers whenever i played games and i would have to restart my pc . I dont really remember how i fixed it but it was fixed for a year. ANd yesterday Windows10 updated and i started having this crashes again. I've tried:
Updating drivers
Deleting old drivers and downloading new ones
Disabling the AMD HD Audio device (which installed after Win10 update)
Disabling HDMI Audio device ( becuase my monitor has that)
At this point nothing worked so i tried backing windows to a previous version, that didnt work either. So i tried putting my Power Limit to 0% but with the OC and i ran Witcher 3 for 10 minutes and tried different ingame settings to load the gpu a bit more and to check if it worked. It did, it didndt crash for 10 minutes. The thing is i played only Call Of Duty WWII this new game when i got the crashes, didnt try any other game. But i had no crashes before the windows update with this COD game. What could the problem be? Why did it start crashing after the windows update? Btw it worked perfectly fine yesterday. Anyway i want to fix this becuase im giving this PC to my younger brother becuase im buying a new one, Gtx 1070, ryzen 7 1700, 16gb of ram.
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