My motherboard receives power but wont start up


I have been having an issue with my computer for quite some time now and I am genuinely stumped.

For a while now my computer has been turning on intermittently and I'd have to press the power button constantly to get the system to eventually start up. However, recently my computer has refused to turn on altogether. My motherboard receives power from my PSU as the MB LED is on and working. My system doesn't start even if I press the onboard MB power switch either.

This issue has been around for a month and a bit now.

Here are all the troubleshooting steps I have taken throughout that time to resolve the issue myself.
1. I cleaned out my hard drives
2. I reinstalled windows
3. I adjusted BIOS power options in different configurations (no luck)

4. Cleaned out the dust and gunk internally in my system.
Cleaned the ram
Cleaned the GPU
Cleaned the fans and the CPU cooler
Cleaned the Hard drives/SSD
Cleaned basically all the dust with pressurised air.
5. Reapplied thermal compound to my CPU
5. Reconnected all the motherboard/PSU pins and connectors plus peripherals and hard drives and still no cigar.
6. Removed each individual component and tested the power to see if it worked and still no luck
7. removed everything except ram and CPU to see if the computer would start, no luck either.
8. Switched fuses on the power cable (to the PSU), changed cables no luck.
9. Checked power button on the case all the pins are in, readjusted everything still no luck.

System SPECS:
Intel core i7 4790k 4ghz
Zotac GTX 980 Amp! edition
2x8gb vengeance corsair 2400hz DDR3
2x4gb vengeance corsair 2400hz DDR3
Asus Maximus VII Ranger MB
EVGA SuperNova 1000w G2 PSU
Corsair H100i GTX Liquid cooling system
Samsung SSD 500GB
WD HDD 2TB, Seagate HDD 1TB.

Guys I am genuinely stumped, this is the worst problem I have faced to date and I don't understand what the cause of it, Is it a faulty PSU? then why does it supply power to my motherboard. Is it a faulty MB, then why does my MB light up?

Any help is appreciated I am unbelievably frustrated as this is the worst time for my system to fail me (work reasons)

I appreciate any form of help.
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  1. Multiple kits of memory can cause the PC to be unable to boot or be unable to have memory operate at rated specifications.
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