FAN speed increase based on GPU temperatures

I am currently using a B350M gaming pro motherboard and a gtx 1060 Gigabyte edition
When playing demanding games my GPU gets hot, so I just bought some new corsair HD120 fans and mounted them on top of my Raijintek Styx case.

How do I make it so that those fans start spinning when my GPU gets hot and not when my CPU gets hot?
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    For that you need a smart fan controller like this

    It can control each fan based off what ever conditions you set.

    Otherwise, save your money,and crank them to full in the BIOS. lol. That or set a fan curve so they even a mild CPU temp increases the fan speed. I assume your GPU is getting hot during gaming which means your CPU has to be used even a bit and will increase in temps.
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  2. tel us about the air flow in the case and what is the gpu fan settings for fan speed and temp .
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