Cant boot, PC shut down, but when i am in Bios and press Save and Exit it will boot.

Hi. First of all i apologize for my English. Not my native language. So. I bought new PC with B250G Asus motherboard and somehow i got this problem. The problem is that if i turn on my PC its just shut down after few seconds. But when i go to bios settings before boot and pres Save&Exit it boot without any problem. I tried to update my bios to lates version but it didnt help. PC run just fine, but this type of turning on my PC is bothering me.

Can anyone know what to do with it?
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  1. Try;
    1) Make sure the boot device ( SSD or HDD) is connected to the 1st SATA port.
    2) In the BIOS, memory section, set up the intel XMP profile for the RAM.
    3) Do you use any GPU?
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