help overclocking 4.5ghz

I need help over clocking my cpu. i am aware it is older hardware

Asus Sabertooth 990fx r2.0
AMD fx-4300
4gb Kingston Ram
550w CoolerMaster
240gb Kingston Hyperx Fury ssd
HD 7850

i would really like a 4.5 ghz. everytime I set the myltiplyer to 4.5 its crashes while loading windows or running aida64 stress test. I am fairly new to overclocking.

what i have done is raise the multiplyer on stock voltages till it became unstable at 4.4ghz then added an increment to the voltage and in became stable its my current over clock. i raise the core to 4.5ghz its unstable and i have continues to raise the voltage all the way up to 1.5v and i did not go past as i read the cpu MAX is 1.55v. c1e, c6 are both disabled, apm and cool n quiet off, i also have the LLC at max as well. my temps usually reach 50c while stress testing. i would greatly appreciate your opinions and help on reaching 4.5ghz. ask me if you need any other info
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  1. It's likely your specific chip cannot go higher than 4.4 GHz, nothing you can do about it.
  2. I thank you for the reply. i traded the whole setup for an i7 setup, formated and forgot to log back in. i still thank you for the reply
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