Ryzen 5 3.7ghz

Been trying to get my Ryzen overclocked with the wraith spire cooler. This is at 1.248V using the Gigabyte Gaming 3 AB350 motherboard. Do these temps look fine? One is at idle, and then one is at load after a pass from cinebench. Been using Aida64 for a few hours and its peaking around 76-78c. I have not touched any other settings except my CPU voltage and frequency Suggest anything else if this isnt fine? Been learning overclocking for a few weeks and been trying it over the past few days. Someone told me over on Reddit that my VRM isnt that good, so idek. Suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!


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  1. Yeah, temps should be totally fine. Wouldn't want to go that much over 80°C, but high 70's is ok.
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