White Z370 motherboard(s)?

I am currently using an all white gaming pc and, with the upcoming release of coffee lake, was looking to move up from skylake. I was hoping asrock would have some nice options, but their taichi is black and dark grey now, and an msi titanium hasnt been anounced as of yet. Does anybody know of a good option for me?
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    As of this date, there are no full-white Z370 motherboards (white PCB). There are, however, some Z370 motherboards (five models as of today) that have a some white "accents":

    Asus Prime Z370-A
    (white+gray I/O cover and PCH heatsink on black+gray PCB)

    Gigabyte Z370XP SLI
    (largest area with white accents on the PCB among other models, diagonal strip-like white design on black PCB)

    Msi Z370 Krait Gaming
    (white "dragon/scales" accents on PCB, I/O, PCH, VRM heatsinks, some white RAM slots on black PCB)

    Msi Z370-A Pro
    (black+gray generally, but LED ambient lighting is White only)

    Gigabyte Z370N Wifi
    (generally black, and only the brand text and some accent lines are white)

    For more details on other Z370 models, see here:
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