Motherboard upgrade q's?


I have an HP laptop I got in 2012. Was sold to me as an entertainment pc.

I'm not a huge gamer but for the most part played most of the games at that time.

Currently I find it has started to fall behind with some of the newer games.

I was told that the GPU is not upgradeable with little disscussion.

And now am wondering if I got a whole new motherboard would that make it possible to get a new

graphics card?

Before I go out and buy a whole new computer.

Here's a link to my computer and it's specs! and The motherboard's!

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  1. keep in mind, the laptop is not upgrading friendly. Most recommend to upgrade the RAM, storage, cpu or GPU only. For most user, recommend to upgrade the RAM, and storage only.

    By the way, if you will buy the new MB, which is not the same model. It will not fit into your laptop case. Sorry, you may need to buy the whole new PC or laptop.
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  2. I agree with cin18 ... most vendors don't like you to upgrade their pre-build machines, and do their best to make it as hard as possible.
    They want you to purchase a new model, if you want more capabilities.

    And upgrading a laptop's mobo can be a nightmare, I wouldn't consider it.

    In addition, getting a new mainboard and GPU isn't going to be cheap ... and by the time you're done with that, you'll find that your i7-2630 CPU and the 6GB of RAM are bottlenecking your shiny new graphics card.

    Conclusion: Definitely not worth it.

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