MSI z170a xpower gaming titanium edition mobo wont boot

Hello! So I am building a brand new computer and the debug code stays at early cpu initialization and nothing i do can get it to fully boot.

i5 6600k lga1151 cpu
MSI z170a xpower gaming mobo titanium edition
Corsair cx750 psu
Barracuda 4TB hard drive
MSI geforce gtx 1080 video card
Corsair vengeance 2x8 ddr4 memory

Ive tried moving the ram, ive replaced the mobo, i checked all the points under the cpu. I am wondering if i need to change up some of the switches on the board to run the i5 cpu? I know this board is very customizable for overclocking. Instruction manual is terrible and the guy im working with on this is out of ideas. Please help haha!! Thank you!
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  1. Hi, What code getting if starting the board with only CPU and CPU fan installed?
    What CPU cooler using?
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