My motherboard will not post!

So this all started a week or so ago I came home one night to a dead pc,..
Specs of that were
Intel I3 6100
16 gb of Gskill ram
Gtx 1050ti
On a HB150 mobo
with a 450 watt psu

Went to turn it on and no post or display. So I opened my case and saw things were a bit dusty so I dusted it out tried again nothing. So I started looking closer took the gpu out, tried on board video nothing no beeps nothing just cpu fan and my case fans spinning. Next I ran an hour to my local micro center picked up a new mobo and psu.

So now specs are
I3 6100
16 gb of GSkill ram
MSI z170a mobo
And a corsair cx750 watt psu

CMOS reset

Hooked it all up nothing, same results. The 'EZ DeBug' LEDs came on for about 10 secs for the ram then turned off. So I asumed that meant it was detected. Just took the mobo a second. But that leads me to today, went back to microcenter got some opinoins from the empolyees they said CPU like I thought, but I was 100%. So I picked up a I5-6600k brand new. With aftermarket cooler to overclock with.

So now specs are
16 gb of Gskill ram
Msi z170a mobo
And a corsair cx750 psu

CMOS reset

STILL NO POST no beeps all LEDs turn off nothing onlu fans spin up

Microcenter tested the psu its fine
So the question is if the ram is bad would it prevent the system from even going into the BIOS?

The no beeping is strange for a new board right?

Ive spent like 300 extra bucks on this 'budget gaming pc' so I just wanna play minecraft with my friends help!
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    RAM is needed for BIOS access. BIOS can only be accessed after the system POSTs and RAM is needed for POST. (Power On Self Test)
    do you have the speaker connected to the motherboard front panel connector? the speaker is needed for any beeps.
    if speaker is connected try removing the RAM from the system and booting. the motherboard should beep at you, count the beeps, note the duration, short or long, and note any pauses. for example my no RAM beep code is three short beeps pause and repeat. different beep patterns denote different problems. one beep is ideal and is the all okay signal. if you cannot force a beep code it is usually indicative of a failed motherboard.
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