Whats the diffrence between pci express 2.0 and 3.0

As the title says .

So i have motherboard which writen pci express 2.0 and it has 8 holes to put it in i have three cables coming from psu two of them has pci e written one has 6 holes other one 8 holes and the last one just have 8 holes so which one to plug?

If you need more info just ask
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  1. The 6 pin pci e can plug in and normal 8 pin too
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  2. motherboard don't have pcie power. Are you talking about gpu power?

    What is your gpu/motherboard/psu make and model?
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  3. Do NOT plug any cable that says PCIe on it into any motherboard. Its +12v and ground wires are wired backwards from the 8-pin cable for the motherboard that may say CPU, ATX or EPS12v on it. If you do manage to plug the PCIe cable into the motherboard (it's keyed to prevent it but people can be persistent) and power it up, everything will be destroyed.

    To answer your question, PCIe 3.0 is 3 years newer, and ~8GB/s faster than PCIe 2.0 for a x16 slot. It's backwards compatible so PCIe 3.0 cards work in PCIe 2.0 slots just fine with less than 2% performance loss for the fastest cards (because it's ridiculously faster than it needs to be, AND you should always have enough local VRAM to not go into PCIe transfers anyway). And while PCIe 2.0 only specs 100w for the 8-pin connector instead of 150w for later versions, this is mostly a power supply issue and nobody sells PSUs for a particular PCIe version.
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  4. Gtx 750 2gb msi, Chieftec CFT-600-14CS my cpu is amd Athlon 7850
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  5. Doesn't look like that gpu don't need power from pcie cable. exactly What are you looking at?
    Post a pic on what you are doing. upload to imgur and post the link here
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