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Build a new computer, first time builder watched tons of videos non of them talked about io Shields, besides just saying placing the io shield. I just read somewhere that if the tabs are placed properly it can break your motherboard is that true. And is my io shield fine or not. Also the shield in the middle is popping out a bit.

Motherboard is msi b350 tomahawk

Case nzxt s340
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  1. Tabs? What tabs? The grounding fingers on the IO shield?
    The IO shield shouldn't be bulging in the center if you installed it and the motherboard correctly.
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  2. I/O shields are a pain to set right, they are so thin care must be taken when putting them in, but that's besides the fact you almost need a sledgehammer to get one seated fully. If it's bulging anywhere, it's not fully seated somewhere and will need more pressure applied to the unseated edge, not the middle of the shield.
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