Look at my first budget gaming pc build tell me what you think thanks 2017

Also if you think it could run ark, GTA v or pubg would be helpful
parts list:
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    Using a slow (really slow) spinning hard drive is going to give your system a sluggish feel at boot, application launch and when loading complex web pages that pull from your hard drive (e.g. cached content). The slow drive won't hit your gaming FPS. (The drive is slow because a 1TB drive is low density so more area has to go under the head to ready the same amount of data.) If you can afford a gtx 1060 you can grab a $70-100 SSD vs a $50 1TB drive.

    Ryzen prices will move once intel coffee lake ships Oct 5. Unless you expect intel to be worse than rumors indicate you might want to wait a few weeks for AMD price drops to hit. Also consider an i3 based system (4 cores like the old i5 for an i3 price). (I have more amd systems in my house than intel, but rumors have intel punishing AMD in this round).

    YOUTUBE will give you all the frame rates you want. Just search ryzen 1500X, pubg and gtx 1060.
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    Question from Jonty14 : "Im building first budget gaming pc wanna know what you think 2017 ryzen 3"

    Jonty14 said:
    I won't be overclocking as I don't know how
    I also wanna know if you'll think it'll be able to run ark and pubg
    Parts list:

    Anonymous said:

    Changing your motherboard to this one will allow an upgrade to either a ryzen 1600, or a faster 1060 6gb

    use this list as your basis for your psu but i suggest for you to go to seasonic s12ii its in tier 2
    you can also just go to a much more cheaper gpu
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    Question from Jonty14 : "Budget pc build 2017 which motherboard"

    Jonty14 said:
    So I'm looking to build my first budget pc gaming build I'm wondering which motherboard would work better as I can afford either
    Asus - STRIX B350-F GAMING ATX AM4 Motherboard or
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