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I am soon going to upgrade to an 8700k and a GTX 1080ti, and I am looking to get the absolute most out of them. I will put some liquid metal on the GPU, but I would like more of a paste between my CPU and Kraken X62, so there is ABSOLUTELY no way it can drip down onto something. The 8700k will be delidded and liquid metal will be placed between the die and the IHS, but I just want the best thermal PASTE on the market to go between my heatsink and CPU.
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  1. Grizzly thermal paste people who use swear up and down by it my buddy has his 7740x at 5.3 ghz with an h100i v2 and he gets element temps
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  2. Thermal grizzly kryonaut is probably the best paste, not hands down though, that would suggest there's a big difference. Its biggest vitory over other pastes in any test from tom's roundup is 0.5 degrees.

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  3. I just bought some IC diamond. Had to replace the fans and TIM on one of my graphics cards. Seems to be a pretty good TIM. Used Gelid Extreme previous, that was good too. Not used Grizzly, so no experience. Doubt any are really difficult to apply properly. But proper application is at least as important as what you use. Oh, and the age of the TIM matters too.
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